Safety & Security

Acodaweb value your safety and provide adequate user protection in all forms.

Safe Payment System

Your personal and most importantly your financial information is our concern. That’s why we choose the most secured online payment processing companies known as; Stripe, and PayPal. These two companies have built a great reputation for securing and protecting buyers data 100% .

Secure Communication

Communications between a freelancer and a project owner is highly safe and secured with Acodaweb-Freelancer.Files and text exchanged between the two users is very secured by a secured system. We will never share your personal data with any third party.

Professional Freelancers

The best Service Providers have high ratings with positive comments. This means, they’re professionally doing their jobs. That’s why their ratings are high due to the project owners who appreciate the quality and time the job was completed. After checking their reviews, chat privately, assigned the project, then receive a quality work done.

Moving to the Next Level

A Freelancer/Producer can easily move up to the next level base on the quality of their service, communication with the job owner, and deliver work on time. The more you portray great work etiquette, the chances of moving up to the top best producer increases. Chances of you seen first when job owners search in your category is high. 



Acodaweb, is very generous and give great benefits to the users. When you refer your friends to us, complete 50 paid jobs you earn a bonus of up to $400. Job owners who spend $200 get a free T-Shirt of theirs and that of Acodaweb deliver to them.


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