Refund Policy


Acodaweb-Freelancer charge Twenty Percent (20%) service fee to freelancers (Sellers)

Regarding the Four Hundred ($400) bonus for freelancers (Sellers), to qualify for the bonus, such freelancer is required to complete Fifty (50) paid projects. Furthermore, each of these projects must be One Hundred Dollars ($100) and above to qualify for the $400 bonus.

With Twenty (20) friend’s referral bonus you get Two (2) T-shirts of one for their company info and the other is for Acodaweb-freelancer. The T-shirts are to be ordered through acodaweb-freelancer site then we paid for it. You are required to contact us when you have chosen the designer for the T-shirts, so that it can be paid.

A buyer(project owner} is required to contact us for any bonus if they met any of the requirements as seen on the web site.

  1. A Buyer or Freelancer are required to contact us to obtain bonus if they met any of the bonus requirements as seen on the website. Allow some time for us to verify to make sure you are eligible to earn this one time $400, bonus.Note: the employer bonuses is only for a limited time period; 2 times a year. (February 1st, to April 30th, and October 1st to December 30th.)

Note: this bonuses are only for a limited time period; 2 times a year. (February 1st, to April 30th, and October 1st to December 30th.)



We encourage and advise our sellers{Service Providers} and buyers {Job Owners} to try and settle conflicts and disputes among themselves. In the case, there is any reason conflict not settled after using the Dispute Resolution Center, kindly contact Acodaweb-Freelancer’s Customer Support section for assistance. (Contact Us)


  • Order cancellations can be made on Acodaweb-Freelancer, when necessary, by Customer Support or via the Dispute Resolution Section on each order time line.
  • Reversing a payment via your financial provider or your bank or filing a transaction dispute with your payment provider violates Acodawed-Freelancer’s Terms of Service. This may get your account or profile temporarily or permanently disabled to check for possible security violations reasons. Note that once you have filed a dispute with your financial provider or bank, such funds will not qualify for a refund because of our obligations towards such financial provider.
  • If a seller or buyer encounter any issue pertaining to the service provided in order, you are advised to use the website’s dispute resolution section to resolve such issue.
  • Acodaweb-Freelancer has the right to cancel orders or hold funds for any suspected fraudulent transactions or orders made through the Website.
  • All assignment or transfer of intellectual property to the buyer will be done on with full payment for such Project, and the delivery should not be used if such order payment is canceled for any reason.
  • In the case where an order is canceled (for whatsoever reason), the funds paid for such order will be refunded and added to the buyer’s shopping balance.
  • Revisions to delivered orders can be done by sellers according to the seller’s Gig description and Acodawed-Freelancer’s customer care. Sellers may also decide a number of revisions they want to offer buyers, as well as no or zero revisions.
  • Requests for modification or revisions can be made through the Order timeline when the order is read as Delivered.
  • Requesting more than paid services from sellers beyond the agreed and paid requirements by using the Request Modification button is not allowed.


Order Cancellations

Acodaweb-Freelancer encourages Sellers and Buyers to settle and resolve any service disputes mutually by using the order Resolution Section.

For your cancellation requests to be eligible and for Acodaweb-Freelancer to cancel an order, such order will be assessed by our Customer Support department based on some factors, as well as general misconduct, violations of our Terms of Service, and improper usage of the Acodaweb-Freelancer order delivery system. Below are some other factors

  • Orders completed can still be canceled, upon review and assessment of our Customer Support department, up to Fourteen (14) days after such order has been marked as completed.
  • Orders could not be canceled based on the quality of materials/content/service delivered by the seller if such materials/content/service was delivered as described and explained in the Gig timeline. Buyers have the right to rate their experience with the seller on the order timeline, as well as the total level of service quality delivered.
  • Buyers must use Acodaweb-Freelancer’s Resolution Center to resolve their concerns and issues related to the service delivered by their seller before contacting Customer Support department. Our Customer Support department will not take any action against Orders/Services where the buyers did not inform their seller of concerns and issues related to the seller’s service/order and not allow sellers to provide a resolution or modification first. This does not involve non-permitted usage of Acodaweb-Freelancer.
  • Any non-permitted usage of Acodaweb-Freelancer website encountered during an Order processing, after being reviewed or accessed by our Customer Support department, may lead to such order being canceled. This comprises, but without limitation to; unlawful behavior, harassment, or other violations of Acodaweb-Freelancer’s Terms of Service.

Furthermore, Acodaweb-Freelancer’s Customer Support department will cancel orders based on, but without limitation to, the reasons below:

o          Active orders (after the buyer fill and submits their order requirements and before the seller delivers the order on Acodaweb-Freelancer)

o          Seller is unresponsive or late for more than Four-Two (42) hours while such order is marked as Late.

o          Seller or Buyer is abusive towards each other party through threats of low ratings or leveraging order contents or materials (like personal information and log ins) against each other.

o          Users included, added or supplied trademark/copyright infringing materials or content as part of the Buyer’s requirements or the seller’s order’s delivery.

o          Such user is no longer an active Acodaweb-Freelancer due to a violation of Terms of Service or closure or deletion of their account.


Cancellation of Delivered Orders 

(After an order is marked as completed)

The seller makes use of the Delivery system to indirectly extend the delivery due to date to complete the ordered service without delivering the final ordered service to the buyer.

Please note that: Multiple reported offenses will lead to permanent suspension of your profile/account.

The seller delivers no content or files or/and proof of work related to the service agreed upon with order requirements.

Please note that: Objectivity of the materials or content in question will be reviewed and assessed by our Customer Support department.

The seller demand for additional payments, on or off the Acodaweb-Freelancer website, by withholding the final delivery of order/service directly associated with the agreed requirements and payment.

The seller withheld the final delivery of order/service to demand improved positive ratings.

Buyers who violate and abuse the Request Modification/Revision provision to get more services from sellers more than the agreed requirements.

Buyers who portend and threaten to leave a damaging or negative review to get more services from the seller more than or not related to the agreed requirements for the order.

Cancellation of completed orders 

(After the order is marked as completed and before the Fourteen (14) days limitation)

Users who have been reported to use trademark/copyright infringing content or materials after valid proof and verification.

Buyers who failed to purchase commercial use rights and are reported to have used such content or materials commercially.

Please note that: Terms of Commercial that is found on the seller’s Gig timeline and cannot be retroactively added after the order has been completed for over Fourteen (14) days.

Acodaweb-Freelancer Customer Support department will review cases of Order delivery manipulation that hinders sellers and buyers from fully using our Resolution Department that allowed the order to be marked as completed.



  • Acodaweb-Freelancer will not automatically refund fees paid for canceled orders back to your financial provider. Fees from canceled orders are refunded to Acodaweb-Freelancers buyer’s account balance as credit and will be made available for future purchases on the platform. Fees returned to your purchasing balance from order cancellations will not include paid processing fees.
  • Deposit refunds, in a situation where this is available from your financial provider, can only be performed by Acodaweb-Freelancer Customer Support section. To prevent abuse and fraud, we limit the total number of times{2 times yearly} users can ask a payment provider for a refund from their account which will still be subject to review and assessment by our Customer Support section. However, an additional fee may be subjected to such refund. If any processing fee is added during purchasing process to create a new order, such processing fees from that payment cannot be refunded in addition to your deposit.
  • On the section of this platform where employers/job owners post jobs to hire applicants and job seekers. This section HAS NO REFUND. Immediately a service fee is paid to post a job to hire a candidate, there WILL BE NO refund of any charged fee and such post will only be for a specific time period as seen prior to posting a job.