Marketplace Users

Here is a clear picture how transactions are operated at the marketplace.


  • Web/Mobile Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Individual/Consumer

1. Buyer entered a business deal with the service provider

4. Job is approved and payment is authorized.


  • Secured Marketplace

2. Acodaweb holds the fund using the escrow system in-place

5. Acodaweb release payment to service provider

Service Provider

  • Web/Mobile Company
  • Software Company
  • Marketing Company

3. Service provider finish and deliver project

6. Provider get fund deposited in bank account.


  • Web/Mobile Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Individual/Consumer

1. Shipper and Transporter entered in a business deal

4. Shipper receive delivery documents.

7. Then approve for payment.


  • Secured Marketplace

2. Acodaweb with their escrow system hold funds

5. Acodaweb gets notification about transaction

8. System automatically release payment to transporter


  • Freight Carrier company
  • Moving company
  • Small delivery company

3. Goods get transported entered into a business deal

6. Upload and send delivery document to shipper from your acodaweb account

9. Transporter get funds deposited in bank account.


  • Bulk buyer
  • Consumer

1. Bulk buyer established a business deal with producer

4. Buyer receive goods and authorized payments..


  • Secured Marketplace

2. Acodaweb holds the Funds by escrow system.

5. Acodaweb verify, then payout to producer


  • Manufacturer
  • Whole seller and Supplier

3. Producer deliver goods and documents

6. Producer get fund deposited in bank account.

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