How Acodaweb Works

A project owner or Producer? Get more understanding how Acodaweb-Freelancer, works just right for you always.

As a Employer:(Job Owner)

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As a job owner, after you signed up a free account, go into the dashboard and click my credit. Click top up credit to buy credit and use for paying for work done. 
Add your paypal or bank account details for an easy refund to your bank account if needed to.  

Withdrawal works only when a refund is needed. 

Click post jobs and choose a pricing plan that best suit your needs, then post jobs.

Browse freelancers and check their ratings then invite the best professionals to bid the job. Howver,

Freelancers get instant notification each time jobs are posted that marches their skills and qualifications. So no worries about browsing lots of service provider’s profiles to invite them to bid the posted job. 

Provide full job description, then send it as a plain text or as an attachment to the service provider. This help minimize conflict between buyer and seller.

For transportation jobs, there’s an order tracking tool in placed for free. Let us know if you need to use it. Delivery note and any other documents can be send to the buyer as an attachment file through the marketplace website. 

If you are not satisfy with the quality of service delivered, request for modifications and the buyer will do just as you want. .

Rate and share freelance profiles on social medias to help others see them, and make good decisions then assign a jobs to them.

As a Freelancer (Service Provider)

Earn $400 bonus when you complete 50 jobs

After you set up a free account, go in dashboard by clicking on my Profile, then set up a professional profile. Next,

Click “My Credit,”  then  click on “Connect With Stripe,” to set up bank account to receive payments. Fill the form and submit for approval. Note, you must connect your bank account before being accepted to use the platform.

A website and Business or any number that identifies you is required when filling the form to connect bank account with stripe for direct deposit.

Receive notifications when new jobs are posted that matches your skills and qualifications.

looking for a job in America, Canada, or Mexico, Etc, filter job search by the country’s state/province, for faster results.

We have an order tracking system in place in case you need to set up order tracking for your customers.

Rate project owners and remind them to share your profile on social medias to help others assign jobs to you.   

Don’t know what information to provide when filling out the application form to Connect Bank Account or need urgent help, Contact Us through facebook . Via links at footer page.

To learn more about how the Marketplace operates,  or want to open a US business bank account and take your business globally? Click on (Online Marketplace)

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