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Is a Crowd-sourcing online marketplace designed to meet 80% of all categories of industries out there. Our platform is designed to provide a marketplace for Business to Business{B2B} and Business to Consumers{B2C} services. At acodaweb marketplace; A Technological business can outsource projects like; Software development, data entry, Web application to another. Shipping companies can ship heavy to medium and small size loads through another moving company. A bulk buyer can order manufacturing products such as; medical supplies, hardware items, school supplies, men and women’s products, etc.

Get all you need for your business from one source

  • Shipper Meet Carrier 
  • Bulk-Buyer Meet Manufacturer
  • Entrepreneur Meet Web/Mobile Expert

Our Mission:

We stand to provide an online marketplace that is secure, conducive, and efficient for the users. We screen all professionals before they are allow access into the marketplace. This assures adequate and security for marketplace users.

Core Principles:

We operate under four Pillars guiding principles that direct us to better operate effectively and sets us apart from our competitors. They include:

We take pride in providing the greatest safety security for all users personal data.

We persistently build a healthy and lovely relationship with users, so as to maintain a lasting platform user relationship.

Acodaweb-freelancer, stand firm and take pride to be transparent by providing a comprehensive information to the users on what and how the marketplace operate.

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